Our mission is to help organizations


Our aim is to modernize and establish a new system in the world of payments and cyber security. We thrive to give the best to our clients.

We take our clients matters as a priority, with dedicated staff. We ensure our clients are satisfied with the services rendered.

Our team of experts is dedicated to giving our best, working closely with our clients o identify their needs and ensure we deliver over and beyond their expectations.

Three Quality Services values our clients, this is why we allow the clients input while providing solutions, as we work closely with them to deliver.

Cyber security is an evolving threat that cuts across all platforms. Our team is always well updated in the field of cyber threats. Our prime mandate is to create a secure payment platform and a safe zone for cyber security.

We build strong enduring relationship with our clients by understanding their business and ensuring we provide seamless solutions.

We work with a team of specialized and well exposed experts to ensure the services and solutions offered to clients are top notch


What we do

3QS works with your institution to empower and accelerate your digital transformation to effectively compete in a digital first world We work with your teams to unify functionality from traditional processes and new capabilities into a seamless secure digital customer experience, drastically improving your product offerings


4 Reasons to choose 3QS

We are uniquely qualified to assist our clients in creating an innovative and secure environment by helping them imagine and actualise their visions.


What we value

Our people apply our company values to all day-to-day dealings with each other and our clients. Our core beliefs are intrinsic to our corporate culture, driving our business and, ultimately, the delivery of services for our clients.

We believe that diffusion and creation of technology is important in growth. We present a built to fit low risk innovation experience; this is with the emerging development of global innovation systems.

We give you the opportunity to work hand in hand with us while independently allowing our clients to design a personalized plan that suits their requirement.

We take our time to understand and skillfully examine the situations presented to us and apply our best resources to develop fitting solutions. We always thrive to bring in fresh talents and fresh ideas to our customers.

Our services are customer centric and delivered to the highest degree of passion and enthusiasm. We are committed to understanding and exceeding our customer’s needs and expectations.

In an opportunity to grow and contribute to society in a meaningful way, we aspire to move our clients from their current position, to a better place regardless of the current circumstances. We will work with them to imagine and move to improve situations and regardless of how they interact with us, we want them to feel better having done so.

A landscape of our culture

We use our experience and knowledge to work with our clients to design and implement appropriate systems, processes, policies, procedures and knowledge enhancement.

Under this beginning phase, 3QS will work with you on the following; Scope Identification, identification and determination of internal processes and external interfaces and comprehensive documentation on processes, payment, product life cycle and Enterprise Architecture.

Using the output from the Identification phase, we work with you to determine the gaps, risks and their prioritization. We work with our clients to develop a road map on how to improve the current systems and processes.

Using the outcome in the Analyse phase we will work with you to develop and implement relevant controls through the development of new or update of existing systems, processes, policies, procedures and knowledge enhancement within your team. This phase may call for some significant investment, which may include training and awareness among your staff body. This phase also includes the development of user guides, operation manuals, and training manuals after implementation of new controls.

To ensure the maintenance and continuous evaluation of the implemented controls and to continuously ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information to you, especially confidential information, 3QS will work hand in hand with you to develop and deploy frameworks and tools to protect, detect, respond, and recover from attacks when they do occur

Management team

With immense experience in banking ICT Project Management and Electronic Payments of over 20 years, he provides profound ability to articulate, identify right solution, right vendor and the right implementation methodology to our clients.

Director & CEO

David Kanyanjua

Dr. Mondo is an Executive Development and Leadership scholar/practitioner with over 20 years of experience. Highly accomplished, results-driven international leader; organizational development professional and trainer with proven ability to facilitate corporate and academic success. She is Adept at conducting needs assessments, formulating bespoke development solutions and analyzing and interpreting qualitative and quantitative data. Known for building trust and rapport and quickly establishing credibility with leaders and peers.


Dr. Naya Mondo

Ezra is a creative and innovative performance driver. He can conceptualize research and apply new ideas with ability to tolerate the high degree of uncertainty in the ever changing market. He has a keen eye in monitor and review customer service in order to retain and develop an optimum customer base.

Chief Commercial Officer

Ezra Kibe